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Cozy Dream Beds is the only place to shop for your new mattress if you are wanting comfort, support, quality, affordability and luxury. But is this possible? We believe in providing all of our current and new customers the very best advice, suggestions and straight talking no nonsense approach when looking to buy a new bed mattress.

Gone are the days when you have a bed sales person talking none stop, showing sample after sample and making you feel like you just want to either run a mile, or be listened to. Cozy Dream Beds pride ourselves in listening to what it is you are looking for, what you need it for, how much it will be used and much more. 

If you are looking for a new mattress for your spare room rather than the main bedroom cozy dream beds will help you make the right purchase. Is it a new bed for the kids room or a room that you have to let? These are questions which we like to hear, that way, we know that our years of experience and straight talking advice, will help you make the right decision when making your next mattress purchase.

We have mattresses that reduce back pain, aching joints, give added support, reduce body heat whilst you sleep, are good for people with allergies or skin conditions, so why not click on our PRODUCTS PAGE to find your perfect sleeping solution.