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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, from our valued customers who have bought one or more of our mattresses.

How are you able to make your mattresses so affordable?

Most mattresses are hugely overpriced. If you were to buy from a high street store, an equivalent specification mattress to ours, would cost you HUNDREDS of pounds more. By selling online, we sell direct to you and cut out the middleman. We also reduce delivery costs by compressing all mattresses using a double bagged packaging method, for greater protection during delivery. You avoid all the expensive retail stores or pushy salespeople and leaves you with a brilliant product at a super price.

Why do are mattresses come delivered in a compressed state?

Delivering a mattress compressed into our double bagging system, rather than as a full-sized mattress costs us a fraction of the price. The savings we make are then passed directly onto you, our valued customer. This is another reason why the price of our mattresses are so good.

If we had your mattress delivered in it's natural state, would make it very difficult for you to move it from your door to the intend bedroom. By compressing it, makes the process of getting the mattress to your bedroom a lot easier and safer for you. Also by reducing the amount of
packaging involved in making your mattress, means we are doing that little bit extra to be more environmentally friendly.

Do I need a specific base for your mattresses?

All of our mattresses are suitable for use with bed slats, box springs, ottoman, even directly on the floor. If your current bed base is in good condition, you won't need to make any further changes to maximise the benefits of your new mattress.

How long does delivery take?

UK mainland delivery is within 3 working days of your order being processed. Delivery to outlying regions of mainland UK will take longer. Feel free to call us for details.

How much does delivery cost?

Standard delivery on all orders over £150 is free. Since all of our mattresses are over £150 then guess what, ZERO DELIVERY CHARGE - IT'S 100% FREE.

Our courier will deliver the mattress to your door.They will not help with the set up of the mattress, movement up stairs, removal of old mattress etc. For help moving the mattress around, you would need a specially arranged delivery on a "2 man delivery service" which would cost you an additional £40.

Why is there so little choice of mattress?

Having been selling offline for over 20 years, we have found that 99% of customers love the same product. Offering just a few product choices, we believe helps reduce the complicated process of buying a mattress. We believe that our mattress range has the perfect solution – the right firmness, thickness and comfort levels.

How do I set up my mattress when it arrives?

To be perfectly honest, this couldn't be easier. Move your mattress to the room of choice and remove it from its packaging. The mattress will expand before your eyes and will be ready to sleep on in minutes. However, we do recommend allow 1-2 hours for your mattress to reach its full size.

Take care when using any sharp objects to remove the packaging, as you won't want to cut or slice your mattress. Just remember to move your mattress into the room it will be used before opening it. Once the packaging has been removed it will be a lot harder to move around.


Got a question?

If you have any questions about buying a mattress from us, or would like some advice about our products then feel free to use the form below and send us a message today. We will aim to respond within 24 hours. If you include your mobile number we will call you asap.