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Mattress Advice

  • Is it time for a new mattress?
  • Have you got any health issues?
  • Do you have a price in mind?

With so much to take into consideration when looking for the right mattress, how can you be sure your buying the right one? 

Stiff Neck Sweating In Bed  Bad Back Pain

Cozy Dream Beds has over 25 years of supplying quality mattresses and advice to thousands of satisfied customer who come back to buy from us time and time again. Because we have the right mattress to solve your problem.

Asthma Breathing Problems  Dry Skin Eczema

If you have more of a health requirement when replacing your mattress we are able to offer great solutions for people with asthma and eczema. We have mattresses that are designed with these health issues in mind. Our customers tell us how their symptoms have reduce since using their new Fusion mattress and can bee read in our online reviews.

The Fusion Mattress is the perfect sleep solution that keeps you cool at night for people who sweat thanks to its brand new cool gel technology top. It's memory foam middle layer molds to your body to support it where it's needed.

This helps with bad backs, aching joints and stiff necks. All this is mounted on a high quality pocket sprung system. The Fusion mattress is our best selling mattress and we are proud to sell this at such an affordable price in the UK with free delivery direct to your door in 3 working days.


Spring clean your bedroom

If your always sneezing, sniffling and coughing is keeping you up at night, it might be time to give your bedroom a proper clean. Vacuum your rugs, carpets, mattress and don’t forget the dust balls hiding under your furniture! Mop rather than sweep hard floors to prevent the churning of irritants from the floor into the air.

Wash your bedding, mattress and pillow protectors in hot water and hang them inside to dry if possible. By wiping all surfaces with a damp cloth will prevent the dust from becoming air-born and not collected by your cloth. This allows it to settle back onto the surfaces rather than being cleaned away.

Here's more solutions to problems when buying your next mattress.

Q) Is there a mattress which can help reduce joint pains and provide added support?

A) Our 1000 pocket sprung pressure relief mattress gives support where it is needed which lowers joint pains provides relief from aching knees and hips throughout the night, so you wake up feeling well rested and fresh from a quality nights sleep. 

   Memory Plus Pressure Relief Mattress

Q)  My current mattress doesn't give me the support that my body needs as I am heavy than the average person, What is available to help give me the support for my body?

A) Support for a bigger body can be achieved from a mattress that has firmer springs. The mattress doesn't have the usual soft sinking feeling that cheaper mattresses do. Our firm 1000 pocket sprung pressure relief mattress finished off with a memory foam top layer provides the extra support and comfort for people that are heavy than most.

    Firm 1000 Pocket Sprung Pressure Relief Mattress

Q) I wake up in pain and feel tired due to not getting a good nights sleep. What is the best mattress to stop this from happening?

A) I suitable mattress for this situation is to go for a mattress that has a firmer structure with added support. We are pleased to offer our Deluxe pocket sprung memory mattress which has an extra thick 50mm memory foam layer. This is superb for reducing pain during the night which results in getting a great nights sleep and feeling well rested.

   Pocket memory Deluxe Ultra Comfort Mattress

Q) What is the right mattress for stopping bad backs?

A) More springs and a memory foam topped mattress is a real winner when it comes to providing bad back relief and giving you a better nights sleep. One such mattress that does this very well is our pocket memory excellence bad back relief range. With its 2000 sprung system and memory foam top, makes it the ideal solution to bad back pains, so you wake up feeling healthy and wide awake.

   Pocket Memory Excellence Bad Back Relief Mattress

For peace of mind we are proud to claim that our carefully selected suppliers are proud members of the NBF which means what you are paying for, is what you will actually receive and not some nasty shock or substandard product.