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Sports Recovery Mattress

Fusion Pro Recover

Cozy Dream Beds Fusion Pro Recover mattresses are designed for anyone with an active lifestyle from the Sports Professional to the health conscious. Beneath the beautiful quilted cover, ever fusion mattress has a cleverly constructed multi layered unit as displayed below.

Cozy Dream Beds Fusion Mattress For Sports Recovery
Starting with the highest quality materials there is a 1000 pocket sprung base foundation
followed by, the very latest in memory foam technology making up the middle sector and finished off, with a cutting edge cool gel top layer that regulates body temperature for a better nights rest.


The fusion mattress uses a unique 3D airstrip design that creates air channels which enhances ventilation, airflow and cools the mattress, helping to promote a therapeutic nights sleep, It can also aid with releasing sports pains, aches and alleviating pressure points around the body. The fusion is hypo allergenic as well for increased health benefits.

According to latest research, a comfortable uninterrupted seven or eight hours sleep each night can relieve stress, slow down the ageing process, boost your mood, your physical and mental performance and cure a wide range of aches and pains.

The Sleep Council

“Good sleep should be seen as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle like exercise and diet and just as you would invest in the right gear to exercise and buying healthy food so you should invest in purchasing a comfortable bed.” Based on information issued by the sleep council.


The Fusion mattress provides the ultimate in support, pressure relief and temperature regulation designed specifically for sports recovery during sleep. To order yours and have it delivered FREE of charge DIRECT to your door within 3 working days, simply CLICK HERE right now and benefit from the best nights recover sleep that you will ever have, to help improve your performance.